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About BX of Napa
"BX of Napa" is founded on four values:
1. Healthy, Eco-conscious Living
2. Innovation and Discovery
3. Playfulness of life - Joie de vivre!
4. Luxury - Uncompromised Top Quality
What that means is that BX of NAPA aims to bring you the highest quality, most natural, innovative energy of thought, product, delivery and story.
Bex Bishop is a Napa Valley native with a global soul having studied, worked and traveled over 100 countries, while spending many years in New York City and Washington, DC as well as England, Australia, Romania, Ukraine, among others.  Now back to her roots in Napa Valley focused on boutique wines and luxury, with an environmentally conscience yet cosmopolitan influence, she aims to share the "best of" these multicultural and psychographically diverse lessons and inspirations through wine, cork fashion, media, entrepreneurship and marketing. Studies include B.A. Dartmouth College * UC Davis * Napa Valley College * Sonoma State *  Chin! Chin!
Contact Info: 
BXWines@gmail com
(707) 927-8750
Napa, CA 
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Many people don’t think much of the cork they pop from a wine bottle. But Napa resident and winemaker Bex Bishop sees big potential.Bishop has launched a line of accessories called BX NAPA Cork Couture under her wine label, BX of Napa. In doing so, she’s leveraging the benefits of a renewable material, all while featuring a unique twist on the everyday accessory, she said.
The project started as a way to market her brand, and has developed into its own business, Bishop said...
ONE WOMAN WINE — Bex Bishop, a Napa winemaker and one woman wine company BX of Napa, pours her wine for her mother, Susan Bishop, and friends at the Napa General Store Cafe. Bex, a Napa native, graduated from Vintage High School and Dartmouth College. She studied winemaking at Napa Valley College winery, UC Davis and Sonoma State University.
Bex Bishop's BX of Napa Winery--"a one woman company" as she bills herself. She produces just 300 cases of wine in Napa. The Ruby Cab is made from the grape of the same name--a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and Carignan--hers is the only 100% Ruby Cab wine made in the USA.
...On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the winemaker of BX of Napa Wines will be pouring and providing wine education and tantalization. A Napa native, Bex Bishop runs BX of Napa Wines as a one-woman company.
...The event was very large. It was great to see a number of friends and acquaintances at the tasting on both sides of the tables. And it was - like many of these large events - a bit overwhelming. Standouts of the day were Bex Bishop of BX of Napa with her outstanding Syrah...
Just prior to the event I had received an invitation to taste from BX of Napa Wines. Her label logo is BX, and since those initials are near and dear to my heart, I was intrigued. I also liked the fact that she was a one woman show producing only 100 cases of wine in her inaugural release. This release was comprised of 3 wines, a Syrah, a Chardonnay, and the only 100%  Ruby Cabernet in America! I loved the Chardonnay and the Ruby Cab is a light, fruit forward red which would make an easy sipping wine with summer bbq’s. Owner/winemaker Bex Bishop is charming, knowledgeable and passionate and I really enjoyed meeting her.
...Red cherry nose, slightly earthy with a little toffee, extracted but ripe with grippy tannins. Definitely has aging potential, but can be enjoyed now . Consume over a few hours to really see all angles. Would be amazing with BBQ...