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*  It's Renewable 
*  It's Recyclable  
*  It's Eco-friendly 
*   It  Floats               
*  It's Flexible                
*  It's Water resistant                     
*  It's Stain resistant  
*  It's Abrasion resistant   
*  It's Bug repellent           
*  It's Hypo-allergenic
*  It's Fire retardent          
*  It's Lightweight          
*  It's Durable as leather
*  It's Compressible 
*  It has Elastic Memory
*  It provides Thermal Acoustic insulation (in case you want to have a party in your purse or wine bottle)  
Cork bark is stripped off a cork tree, then grows back. Naturally.
A new, chic, sensible & fashionable material for all  style needs.                                                                               ... by BX NAPA 
Did you know?
  • When cork trees are harvested they absorb around 400% more CO2 than if the bark remained on the tree, resulting in better environmental improvement. Climate Change Fighter!
  • Cork trees also are important producers of Oxygen!
  • Portugal is responsible for harvesting about 55% of the world supply of cork due to its soil and weather conditions for growing cork trees.
  • Patterns of stripes and colors created in cork material is a natural result from the different trees and no chemicals or ink are used; therefore every pattern is unique from natural variations in nature.
  • Cork forests support one our planet's highest levels of forest biodiversity and keep 6.6 million acres of the Mediterranean basin from becoming a desert.
  • There is no cork shortage; in fact, there is enough cork to close all the bottles of wine produced for the next 100 years.
  • Cork oak is the national tree of Portugal as it is the largest producer of cork in the world
  • In Portugal, the cork tree has been protected by law since the 13th Century
  • Cork oak trees live up to 200 years old
I won't reinvent the wheel. This website has a great illustrated guide to the cork production process: click here
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