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BX NAPA Cork Gadgets 
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* It's renewable, recyclable eco-friendly.  
* It floats*  It's flexible*  It's durable  *  It's lightweight.  
*  It's water resistant.  *  It's stain resistant.   It's bug repellent.
Cork bark is stripped off a cork tree, then grows back. Naturally.
A new, chic, sensible & fashionable material for all  style needs.
 ... by BX NAPA
Gadget Casing
iPad 2/3 Wallet - iPad Mini Wallet - iPhone 4/5 Wallet - iPhone Case - Galaxy 3 Wallet

$75 iPad 2/3 Case/Stand/Wallet
$55 iPad Mini Case-Stand-Wallet
$29 iPhone 4/5 Case
$39 Galaxy 3 Flip Case/Wallet
$39 iPhone Flip Case/Wallet

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