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Winning customer picture! Thanks Kevin! 
BX goes underwater


2013 Pinot coming along perfectly!2012 Harvest was a huge success! 
Some highlights of the 2012 Pinot Noir harvest journey...
Morning of picking BX NAPA Pinot Noir 2012
Now infamous BX Syrah Laced Brownies (use wine instead of water) 

From France to Napa Harvest to the Bottling Line and a famous traveling hippo
Bex spends a wet spring in Burgundy & Champagne France, a Winemaker Exchange, learning the ways... Here is what was tasted:
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Four wine professionals (as it happens all were women) from Northern California were chosen by Rotary Clubs to participate in a wine exchange with Burgundy & Champagne. While many a cultural site were...
The Most Interesting Hippo in the World...
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BX of Napa Wine Hippo by Bex Bishop
He is the most Xtraordinary Hippo in the world. And he drinks BX of Napa wines. by Bex Bishop www.BXofNapa.com@BXWineswww.Facebook.com/BXWines
One Minute Bottling Video...
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BX of Napa Bottling Line.3gp
June 16 bottling in Napa, California at Silenus Vintners Winery for BX Bex of Napa Wines

I Can-Can Snapshot of the Fastest Tour of Burgundy & Champagne Learning the Ways of the Wine Motherland
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RotaryFranceWine BXNapa
Rotary GSE to Burgundy & Champagne France, Spring 2012. 4 wine professionals were selected including Bex Bishop of BX of Napa Wines, Simone Sequiera - winemaker, Michelle Russell in wine marketing and...

Thank you to all my supporters and customers! I look forward to continuing providing you with unique, top quality, delicious and hand-crafted wines...
I love your feedback and your pictures!
Keep sending them to BXWines @ gmail
Here are some happy BX of Napa consumers!!!
East Coast Dinner Party featuring BX of Napa Chardonnays... Cheers!
Thanks Sophia!
Your meal and art is scrumptious!

Happy warming up in Minnesota with BX of Napa! 
...owners of a wonderful bookstore "The Bookshelf" in Winona. 
Cheers to a good wine with good books!

My lovely New York Ladies...
Sharing my grape samples of Pinot Noir with a customer...
BX Napa Wines visit the memorial to the US Founder of Wine Industry -- President Thomas Jefferson
My Dear DC Oenophiles enjoyed a BX of Napa Wine Tasting event thanks to fabulous hosts...
Darwin's Arch!
Thanks Kevin!!
All Great Monuments
Washington, DC

Lake Tahoe Xmas    | Thanks Bob! Seattle, Washington

Kevin the global BX Ambassador sharing wines and making friends on SCUBA trips around the world!

Nils Venge, the 1st 100 Point rated Winemaker by Robert Parker in North America
enjoys his glass of BX of Napa - and is a wonderful mentor!