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Resveratrol Science Hits a Wall

A top resveratrol researcher from Harvard, David Sinclair, found a few years ago that resveratrol may mimic the effect of caloric restriction in humans. This is the only known way to extend life, Das writes in his study. Not to be confused with starvation, which increases metabolism and therefore hastens death, caloric restriction involves controlled limited calorie intake. (It appears to activate a genetic response that extends life when food is scarce, allowing animals to survive until supplies improve and they can reproduce.)

..."Resveratrol is so powerful it can activate stem-cell survival," Dipak Das, a researcher at the University of Connecticut’s Cardiovascular Research Center, said. "So why is it not extending lifespan, by improving the survivability of genes?"...

For whole story go here: http://goo.gl/jpBPS

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A top resveratrol researcher from Harvard, David Sinclair, found a few years ago that resveratrol may mimic the effect of caloric restriction in humans.
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